Atomic Absorption Videos

PG Instruments Atomic Absorption Videos are designed to give more insight into the operation of our highly acclaimed Atomic Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. They show basic operation of the instrument and give customers and potential users an in-depth knowledge of the the instrument features. The videos show the safe and simple switch over of an Air/Acetylene to a Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene flame which is under full control of our AAWin Software.  The unique design and operation of our Micron-Mist adjustable nebuliser is also shown. Another featured video shows the operation of our continuous flow hydride system for the analysis of arsenic, selenium, mercury and other hydride forming elements on PG Instruments Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

Product Description

The following Atomic Absorption Videos are Product, Training and Support Videos are available here and also on our YouTube Channel

The following video shows the Automatic switch over from am Air/Acetylene Flame to a Nitrous Oxide Acetylene Flame. This operation on PG Instruments AA500 is safe and fully automated. Nitrous Oxide replaces air as the support gas whilst Acetylene remains the fuel gas. The Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene is hotter than the standard Air/Acetylene flame and is used for the analysis of elements such as Chromium, Vanadium, Aluminium, titanium, silicon, calcium and other refractory elements.


The Micron-Mist Nebuliser is an inert adjustable nebuliser designed by PG Instruments Limited and is ideal for the analysis of samples dissolved in highly acid samples.


The Hydride system is designed for the analysis of elements such as Arsenic, Selenium, Mercury, Tellurium and other Hydride forming elements at ultra low levels.

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