Hydride Control Software

Continuous Flow Hydride System

Product Description


Fully automated fast Continuous Flow Hydride System Analysis Hydride Atomic Absorption Generation System comprising of a FOUR Channel Micro Pump with a Unique gas-liquid separator system. The instrument is supplied with AAHYD-Win Software for full control of the system and the interface to the AA500 Universal Auto-sampler for complete automation. The automation of the hydride system can be carried out easily and quickly and at NO extra cost.

A holder for Holder for HCl, NaBH4 and Internal Standard bottles (500mL) and 2 Rinse Vials (50mL) are included.

Main Features

  • Improved detection limits for inorganic Hg
  • Easily adapted to standard hydride mode with improved detection limits for As, Se, Sb and other hydride forming elements via a heated cell
  • Improved stability: The micro peristaltic pump is controlled via AAHyd-Win creating a stable flow of sample and reagent and producing a stable formation of H2 gas and hydrides
  • Compact system the smallest footprint of its kind on the market (95mm x 118mm x 140mm)
  • Chemically resistant: ceramic pins, PFA mixing block, and quartz glass



A Short Presentation on the Continuous Flow Hydride System for the AA500 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

The Presentation shows how the system work, the detection limits and much more. This Hydride system can also be used with our ICP5000 and any other ICP systems.

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