Simultaneous Analysis of Hydride and NON Hydride forming elements with ICP5000DV

The NEW Low Cost Hydra-Mist Analysis system from PG Instruments allows the analysis for Hydride forming elements such as Arsenic, Selenium, Mercury, Tellurium with an improved detection level of between 10 and 15 times over conventional analysis by ICP-OES Spectrometry. In addition to analysing the hydride forming elements analysis can be simultaneously carried out for non hydride forming elements such as copper, nickel, silicon, boron etc.

The Hydra-Mist is a sensitive, simple-to-use spray chamber for Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) that supports simultaneous operation of conventional pneumatic nebulization and cold-vapor/hydride generation. Cold vapor generation can provide more than 10-fold improvement in sensitivity on ICP for elements such As, Sb, Se, Tl and Hg. The generation of volatile species of these elements results in increased analyte loading to the analytical plasma giving lower detection limits.

The design of the Hydra-Mist spray chamber is based upon the industry-standard cyclonic spray chamber, giving excellent sensitivity and short-term analytical precision with fast washout. The Hydra-Mist spray chamber features a secondary inlet port that mixes the aerosolized sample and liquid reductant in the aerosol phase inside the spray chamber for rapid conversion of the As, Sb, Se, Tl and Hg analytes into volatile hydride species. The unique drain design ensures fast, complete removal of waste from the spray chamber, eliminating excess hydrogen build-up that causes sample reflux degrading analytical precision.

The Hydra-Mist spray chamber features:

    • The same outstanding short-term analytical precision and washout as other cyclonic spray chambers used by PG Instruments on the ICP5000DV.
    • Fast and complete generation formation of volatile As, Se, Sb, Tl and Hg species for the best detection limits in hydride generation mode.
    • A unique drain design and cyclonic aerosol action eliminates hydrogen build-up and sample reflux that degrades short-term precision.
    • Economic, just replace your current spray chamber and keep your existing nebulizer.
    • Improve productivity by analysing non-hydride forming elements and cold vapor elements simultaneously Simple to setup with fast changeover,

The Hydra-Mist Spray chamber can be operated as a Conventional cyclonic spray chamber with pneumatic nebulization.

  • Sensitive, simultaneous cold vapor and pneumatic nebulization mode with greater than 10 fold improvement in detection limits for the cold vapor elements without compromising performance of non-hydride forming elements.


The Hydra-Mist spray chamber uniquely mixes the aerosolised sample and liquid to ensure complete formation of the volatile hydride species. Other hydride generation systems rely on a slow liquid/liquid mixing of the sample and reductant which results in incomplete formation of the volatile hydride species and excess hydrogen build-up in the drain. These systems suffer from low sensitivity and poor analytical precision, significantly compromising detection limits.











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