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About PG Instruments Limited

PG Instruments Limited is a British company that has for many years manufactured a comprehensive range of UV-Visible Spectrophotometers and Atomic Absorption Spectrometers. Based near Leicester in the heart of the UK we export to almost every country in the world. Over the last few years PG Instruments has diversified and considerably added to our portfolio of instrumentation. In addition to the UV-Vis Spectrophotometers and AAS Systems we now produce Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES), FTIR Spectrometer, Water Purifiers, Gas Chromatographs, Atomic Fluorescence and Flame Photometers.

PG Instruments Limited also have offices in the United States and the far east namely Vietnam and China and currently employ more than 900 people on a World Wide basis.

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PG Instruments – a leader in the development of first class scientific instruments

  • Posted On: 27/11/2019
    Simultaneous Analysis of Hydride and NON Hydride forming elements with ICP5000DV

    The NEW Low Cost Hydra-Mist Analysis system from PG Instruments allows the analysis for Hydride forming elements such as Arsenic, Selenium, Mercury, Tellurium with an improved detection level of between 10 and 15 times over conventional analysis by ICP-OES Spectrometry. In addition to analysing the hydride forming elements analysis can be simultaneously carried out for […]

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  • Posted On: 26/08/2019

    A NEW Optical Emission Spectrometer from PG Instruments Limited. The PG-SPARK OES CCD ANALYSER is designed to maximise productivity with reliable metals analysis Iron and steels,  Non-ferrous metals and alloys. The system is very affordable with high reliable and quality. The PG-Spark table top metal analyser is specifically designed to meet the Budgets and Performance requirements […]

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  • Posted On: 26/05/2017
    ATR (Attenuated Total reflectance) for FTIR7800 Spectrometer

    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER – SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE PG Instruments have recently introduced their NEW FTIR 7800 Spectrometer system. To celebrate this we are pleased to offer a SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR SOME ACCESSORIES FOR THE FTIR7800 AND OTHER FTIR INSTRUMENTS including the Diamond ATR. Main Features of the ATR: Strong and Durable Monolithic Diamond Extended wavelength […]

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  • Posted On: 04/03/2017

    InterferometerMain Features High sensitivity and stability Intelligent real-time monitoring of instrument status Multiple communication options Flexible and convenient testing Powerful software workstation CFR 21 Compliant Software 19 Libraries with approximately 11000 spectrums is included in the software   High sensitivity optical system: cube-corner Michelson interferometer combined with patented fixing mirror alignment technology to ensure long […]

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