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The ICP5000DV Videos are designed to give more insight into the operation of this highly acclaimed Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer. They show basic operation of the instrument and give customers and potential users an in-depth knowledge of the the instrument features and the wide choice of accessories and consumables for the system, the selection of consumables and instrument accessories for different applications. They show how to operate the instrument, via our ICPWin Software, including “How to light and shut down the RF Plasma” the use the ICP-Cam which is a colour High Resolution micro camera built into the torch compartment to give a continuous SAFE view of the Plasma on the PC Screen is also detailed and clearly shows how  the user can view and monitor the plasma during analysis. The use of Gas control module for oxygen addition with Two Ports, one for Argon and one for Argon/Oxygen is also showed in a video clearly showing that with the use of oxygen for organic samples any build  up of carbon in the torch is eliminated and the precision of analytical data for the analysi of Oils, Bio-Diesels, Hydro-Carbons, Organics etc. improved.

Product Description

The following Training and Support Videos are available here and on our YouTube Channel

ICP5000DV Dual View Inductively Coupled Plasma – Training Video how to start the RF Plasma from ICPWin Software


The following Video shows how to select APPLICATION SPECIFIC Accessories and consumables. The applications include Drinking Water, Sea Water and Brines, HF and concentrated acids and oils, wear metals etc. (see the video below)


The Analysis of Hydride forming elements with the ICP5000DV



The ICP5000DV is equipped with the option to use an additional gas – Oxygen which can be used for the analysis of organics and oils. (See the video below)





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