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Universal Fume Extraction – Designed for Atomic Absorption, ICP, ICP-MS

Complete Fume Extraction system for ANY Make of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, ICP or ICP-MS Instruments.

Product Description

Competitively Priced Offer Fume Extraction system for ALL Makes of Instrumentation

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PG Instruments Limited manufacture a stainless steel fume extraction system which is suitable for ALL makes of Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, ICP, ICP-MS systems etc. and is currently being offered at a VERY special Price. The extraction system is also FULLY compatible with our AA500 and ICP5000DV system.

PG Instruments Exhaust Venting System is manufactured in the UK from High Quality BRITISH Stainless Steel and Comprises of:

  • ONE Extraction fan with polymer coated anti-corrosion protection blades 150mm Diameter, 240 volts (120volt on request) 50/60Hz.
  • ONE Stainless steel hood 300mm
  • ONE Piece of Duct with an adjustable length
  • FOUR Pieces of Ducting length 500mm
  • ONE Duct with a  length 500mm with damper
  • FOUR bends 30 degrees (extra bends available)
  • ONE Duct horizontal discharge 500mm
  • ONE Pair of fan mounting brackets
  • ONE Rivet tool
  • FOUR Adjustable support brackets
  • FULL fitting instructions



A venting system for Atomic Absorption is required to remove the combustion fumes and vapours from the flame or graphite furnace for atomic absorption instruments. Exhaust venting is important for a number of reasons:

    • Will protect laboratory personnel from toxic vapours which may be produced by some samples.
    • Will help to remove the effects of room drafts and the laboratory atmosphere on flame stability.
    • Will help to protect the instrument from corrosive vapours which may originate from the samples.
    • Will remove dissipated heat which is produced by the flame  or furnace.
    • The venting system provides a flow rate of approximately 7000-8500 litres/min (250-300 cubic feet/min).


The Fume Extraction System comes in an easy to assemble kit with detailed instructions.




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