UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Videos for Training and Support

Training and Technical videos are available for our range of UV-Visible Spectrophotometers including the use of the embedded software for our NEW T65m T85 and T85 Plus. The videos show the setting parameters of the instruments as well as wavelength scans of Liquid Holmium.

Product Description

The following Training and Support Videos are available here and on our YouTube Channel

This video shows how to use the embedded software on the T65, T85 and T85 Plus UV Visible Spectrophotometers. The large touch embedded screen and keyboard gives simple, yet, FULL control of the instrument. The settings for the “System  Settings Menu” are explained and shown in full detail allowing the user full access and control of the instrument settings.

The video also shows how to run a wavelength scan. Showing how to see and interpret the scan peaks and valleys for a Holmium Solution.








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