T65 Sample CompartmentT65 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

NEW T65 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

NEW for 2022, the T65 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, with a similar product identity to the T85, is a single beam, competitively priced, compact instrument with a large touch screen allowing fast and easy access to all functions and gives full operating control of the instrument. The T65 has a fixed bandpass of 1.8nm and a wavelength range of 190-1100nm and is supplied with an 8 cell motorised cell changer. The T65 is FULLY complaint with CFR21 part 11.

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T65 Brochure

T65 User Manual

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Product Description

The NEW T65 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer has  a wavelength range of 190 -1100nm and a fixed 1.8nm Bandpass. Supplied as standard with 7 inch Touch Screen with an 8 cell motorised cell changer. The T65 delivers the functionality and accuracy of an advanced instrument at an affordable price and has FULL compliancy with CFR21 part 11.


Features & Functions

  • High performance fixed 1.8nm spectral bandwidth.
  • Low stray light <0.05%T.
  • Wavelength accuracy +/- 0.5nm.
  • Holographic blazed grating 1200 lines/mm.
  • Local control software via a 7 inch touch screen for photometric fixed wavelength measurement.
  • Photometric, Quantitative, Spectrum Scanning, Multi-Wavelength scan, DNA/Protein analysis and Kinetic measurements.
  • Robust modular design with a small footprint.
  • Can be used with PC Based software SPA-Win (optional), which offers all features and functions required for use in FULL compliancy in 21CFR Part 11 Electronic Records.
  • The instrument operates voltages of either 230V AC OR 110V AC
  • T65 UV-Visible Spectrophtometer
  • Touch Screen for T65 which allows fast access to all analysis modes and full control of the instrument.
  • Cell compartment and Motorised Cell changer.
  • T65 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • 10mm 8-position motorised cell changer
  • Test tube holder for water and reagent analysis
  • Adjustable cell holder for micro cuvettes
  • Peltier and sipper system

Detailed Specification

Optical System Single Beam
Spectral Bandwidth 1.8nm (Fixed Slit)
Scan Speed Selectable
Wavelength Range 190 – 1100nm
Standard Functionality Photometric, Quantitative, Spectrum Scanning, Multi wavelength, Kinetic measurements, DNA and Protein Analysis
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.5nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ≤0.2nm
Photometric Mode Transmission, Absorption, Concentration and Energy
Photometric Range -0.3 – 3.0 Abs
Stray Light ≤ 0.05% T
Photometric Accuracy ± 0.001Abs (0-0.5A)

± 0.004Abs (0.5 -1.0A)

± 0.2%T (0-100%T)


Photometric Reproducibility 0.001Abs (0 – 0.5A)

0.002Abs (0.5 – 1.0A)

0.15%T (0 – 100%T)


Baseline Flatness ± 0.002Abs (200 – 1100nm)
Baseline Stability  0.001Abs/Hr (500nm, 0Abs, 2nm Spectral Bandwidth 2 hr warm up)
Photometric Noise ± 0.001Abs (500nm,with 30 minute warm up)
Software Support Local and SPA-Win
Dimensions 490 x 370 x 210mm

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