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Hydride Generator for ICP5000

A Compact Hydride Generation System for ICP with Improved Stability and Performance

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Product Description

PG Instruments new hydride generation system with integrated precision micro peristaltic pump, improves ICP detection limits for hydride-forming elements such as As, Se, and Sb. Sub-ppb levels of such elements are often difficult to detect with ICP, but the PG Instruments Hydride Generator converts hydride-forming elements to gas, increasing signal intensity. intensity. In a low-volume quartz gas-liquid separator the elemental hydrides are separated from liquid waste then carried to the ICP injector. The system can increase ICP sensitivity by an order of magnitude or more over a nebuliser-only system.

The hydride generator is available with 4 or 6 channels. The 4-channel version is for basic hydride formation, and the 6-channel version allows the user to add an internal standard, such as Bi.

hydride icp 002hydride icp 001

The above shows calibration ldata obtained with the ICP5000 for Selenium and Arsenic (0 – 10ppb) using the PG Instruments Hydride generator system.

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