ATR (Attenuated Total reflectance) for FTIR7800 Spectrometer


PG Instruments have recently introduced their NEW FTIR 7800 Spectrometer system. To celebrate this we are pleased to offer a SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR SOME ACCESSORIES FOR THE FTIR7800 AND OTHER FTIR INSTRUMENTS including the Diamond ATR.

Main Features of the ATR:

  • Strong and Durable Monolithic Diamond
  • Extended wavelength capability
  • High Spectral Quality and high throughput capability.
  • Interchangeable Diamond, ZnSe, and Ge Crystal Puck Options.


The PGI ATR Accessory is a performance single reflection ATR accessory is designed for laboratory spectroscopic sample analysis in the mid- and far-infrared.

With innovative optical design and durable  monolithic diamond ATR crystal option, this sets the benchmark in performance and value for ATR spectroscopy. In its standard configuration, the PGI

ATR Accessory has a strong and durable monolithic diamond ATR crystal which is ideal for analysing hard inflexible solid materials without risk of being scratched or damaged even for extreme point loads.

Coupled with diamond’s inherent chemical resilience, this allows the PGI ATR Accessory to be used with the broadest range of sample types. A 1.8mm diameter diamond sample area means that good contact can be achieved even with the smallest amount of material available for analysis.

ATR Accessory features an all-reflective optical design, which utilises precision-moulded aspheric mirrors and gold-coated optics as standard, and provides the PGI ATR Accessory with high transmission throughput and an extended wavelength range capability to match that of your mid- and far-infrared FT-IR instrument.

Together with an optimised angle of incidence on the ATR crystal, these features ensure outstanding quality of spectra.

Four easily-interchangeable crystal pucks are available for use with the PGI ATR Accessory:

  1. High-throughput diamond puck for mid-infrared analysis (7800 to 400cm -1)
  2. An extended wavelength range diamond puck for the mid- and far-infrared (10000 to 40cm),
  3. A ZnSe crystal puck for softer materials
  4. Ge crystal puck for strongly absorbing samples.

These ATR crystals are mounted in a durable stainless steel puck and held in place against a robust metal seal to ensure compatibility with a broad range of sample types.

Repeatable and reproducible sample loads are enabled by a full-function pressure tower. This has an audible ‘click to indicate at the preset pressure limit, and features a swing anvil arm to allow easy access to the ATR crystal puck.

Both plane and pellet anvils are provides with the accessory to allow analysis of samples of various shapes. These anvils are easily interchangeable and stored on the top plate when not in use.

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